Insurance Coverage Disputes

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Insurance Coverage Disputes

The JAM Law Group has experience with both Plaintiff and Defense interests in insurance coverage disputes. We have defended and conducted litigation and will use our knowledge to aggressively advocate for your rights under the insurance policy. 

As an Insured, the time after an accident is often confusing and the next steps are unclear. The Insurance Company will often request that you comply with the Duties After Loss under the insurance policy, including to provide documentation and statements regarding the claim. The attorneys at JAM can represent you during the investigation of the claim and during any sworn Examination Under Oath, as requested by your insurer. You have the right to challenge the Insurance Company's coverage decision if your claim is denied or underpaid. JAM will provide you with an assessment of your claim and can assist you in obtaining necessary estimates for repairs from the loss.

Please contact us as soon as possible for a free evaluation of your claim. 

We can handle all types of insurance disputes, including, but not limited to:


  • Insurance coverage disputes
    • Property
    • Commercial 
    • Automobile Accidents
  • Criminal Defense of Insurance Fraud Charges
Insurance Coverage Disputes 

Insurance Coverage Disputes

JAM Law Group has experience, knowledge and passion that you can trust. By approaching every situation with confidence and preparation, we are able to provide the guidance and results that our clients deserve. If you are searching for a lawyer who will advocate for your rights while providing honesty and affordability, you are definitely in the right place.

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